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How to Advertise Your Legal Services Effectively

If you've tried advertising your services by “getting your name out there” or “promoting your brand”, but haven't had good results, it doesn't mean that advertising doesn't work, nor that the way you advertised (direct mail, TV, online, newspaper…) doesn't work.

More likely, it means that you don't know how to advertise your services effectively.

If you can find a medium … print, web, broadcast, whatever … that affordably reaches the people you want to serve, you can advertise your services effectively. This four-page back issue of my newsletter will show you how to do it.

Among other things, you'll find out:

I'm Digby Willard, and I publish “Digby's Surprisingly Good Legal Marketing Newsletter for Solo and Small Firm Attorneys.” The title comes from a comment by Minneapolis attorney Kimberly Hanlon.

I also work as an Adwords Rainmaker for Solo Attorneys. “Adwords” are those little ads that come up at the top of a Google search, and for some attorneys they can be a great way to generate leads. I'm currently deeply engaged in a pilot project with a Minneapolis attorney, and unavailable for client work. The best way to get a sense of how I approach things is to subscribe to the newsletter.

Future issues of the newsletter will cover subjects like:

And much, more more.

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